We will remember you with warm thoughts and memories.

Best wishes to you in the future!

Jia Tian
Jia Tian

Research Assistant

Tingting Fan
Tingting Fan

Graduate Student

Biao Song
Biaobiao Song

Joint Graduate Student

 NameYearFormer PositionCurrent Position
11Biaobiao SongSep 2019 - May 2021Joint Graduate Student
10Tingting FanSep 2018 - May 2021Graduate StudentPh.D. Students, Institute of Zoology, CAS
9Xia LiDec 2017 - May 2021Joint Doctoral Candidate
8Jian ZhouJun 2020 – Sep 2020Research AssistantClinician, Beijing Tongren Hospital, CMU
7Jia TianJuly 2019 - Nov 2020Research AssistantPh.D. Students, Technical Institute of Physics & Chemistry, CAS
6Xiaohang ZhangMay 2019 – Sep 2020Joint Graduate StudentPh.D. Students, Institute of Zoology, CAS
5Yuanyuan LiDec 2018 – Sep 2020Joint Doctoral CandidateClinician, Shanxi People’s Hospital
4Jingnan YeDec 2018 – Sep 2019Undergreaduate Research AssistantPh.D. Students, National Center for Protein Sciences, Beijing
3Keshi ZhangMar 2018 – Aug 2019Joint Doctoral CandidateClinician, Peking University Shougang Hospital
2Ruoyu MaNov 2017 – Aug 2018Joint Graduate Student
1Xianning WangNov 2017 – Aug 2018Joint Graduate Student

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