Laboratory of Bioinspired Engineering




Free Your Mind. 

– Quotes from “The Matrix” (1999)

Recent Highlights

July 17,  2022

Glad to share our recent work on extraembryonic cell migration control via bioinspired constructs and this is the first time to extend embryo culture to E8.5. Many thanks to our collaborators Prof. Shutao Wang and Prof. Hongmei Wang as well as postdocs and students including Zili Gao, Kai Li, and Shen Ji.

December 1, 2021

Glad to share our latest research on the bioprinted skeletal muscle-like constructs with the potential to shed light on skeletal muscle tissue engineering. This progressive work is collaboratively accomplished by colleagues-Prof. Shiqiang Huang as well as students and postdocs including Tingting Fan, Shuo Wang, Shen Ji, Zongmin Jiang, who forge the way in the development of biofabrication platform in vitro. Essentially, our work demonstrates the dynamic changes of skeletal muscle tissue during in vitro 3D construction.
Big thanks to our funding support from the Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

October 11, 2021

We are excited to share our recent study on 3D printing multivascular tissues preprinted. Thanks to collaborators Prof Zheng (SIA) and Prof Wang (ICCAS).

Challenge The Impossible

GU LAB seeks to develop novel biomaterials and advanced technologies including 3D/4D bioprinting to regulate cell fate spatiotemporally, fabricate 3D organs  functionally, and create therapeutic methods meaningfully according to the mechanism of developmental biology and in turn deepen the understanding of what is life.